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They did it! Your graduate, after years of diligently attending school and studying late into the night, is graduating! But, before they begin the next chapter of their life, it’s time to pause and celebrate their hard work and scholastic achievements! You can honor the graduate in your life in so many ways, including:

There are so many ways to let your grad know how amazing you think they are! But no matter how you choose to commemorate your grad’s major academic accomplishment, you can count on Evite to help you celebrate your graduate! 

Graduation invitations

What kinds of graduation invitations does Evite offer?

The class of 2024 (and their parents) can rejoice—Evite offers dozens of customizable free or Premium online invitation designs ready to help you plan an unforgettable graduation party. You can even upload your own photo or design to select templates (the perfect opportunity to share a snapshot of the grad!). From ever-popular year-specific 2024 graduation invitations to grad invites featuring caps and gowns, there’s a design waiting for you to personalize it and send out to everyone you know.

After choosing your favorite graduation party invitation design, you can customize the text on your invitation with dozens of font and color options. If you opt for a Premium invitation (or to upgrade to Premium), you can then select a colorful background to fill the screen behind your invitation, choose a color for your envelope and add a fun envelope liner. Finally, decorate the front of your envelope with animated stickers to give your guests a truly exciting experience. Once you send your invitations via email, text or shareable link, take a deep breath and track RSVPs in real-time. If only homework was as easy as creating a custom graduation invitation!

How far in advance should you send graduation party invites?

Graduation season can get busy, so you’ll want to send your graduation party invites approximately three to four weeks in advance. By giving your guests a solid cushion of time before the event, you’ll be able to ensure the best turnout possible. 

What information do you include on a grad party invite?

You’ll need to include a few key pieces of information on your grad party invite. At a minimum, you should specify the date, time and location of your celebration.

It is also helpful to share the guest of honor’s name and details about their graduation, such as the school from which they are graduating and the degree they are receiving. For expert tips, click here to learn more about how to word a graduation invitation.

Graduation announcements

What kinds of graduation announcements does Evite offer?

Got a grad you can’t wait to show off (and announce their major academic milestone) to family and friends? Evite’s grad announcements make it easy to create and send personalized graduation announcements via text or email to your loved ones

From traditional designs like our “Congrats to Our Graduate” announcement to this fun modern “Congrats Graduation Banner” template, all you have to do is upload a photo of your graduate, customize it with a background, envelope, stamp and stickers, then personalize it with a message all about your grad (you can easily write individual custom messages to each recipient if you wish, or send the same message to your entire list). Then, send it instantly or schedule it to be delivered later.

How far in advance should you send graduation announcements?

Typically, graduation announcements are sent anywhere from three weeks before a student’s graduation to three weeks after a student’s graduation. It is important that you send your graduation announcement close to when your grad graduates, but this can be either slightly before or slightly after the actual day of their graduation ceremony.

Should you send graduation announcements and graduation party invites?

Graduation announcements and graduation party invitations serve different purposes, so your decision to send either will depend on your intentions. If you are hoping to inform family and friends about a loved one’s educational milestone, a graduation announcement card is a great way to do exactly that. If you are hosting a celebration in honor of your grad, you can send a graduation party invitation to get loved ones together for your gathering and inform them about the event’s key details.

Graduation eCards

What kinds of graduation cards does Evite offer?

Evite offers graduation eCards to send to graduates of every age! So whether you want to send your best wishes to a high school graduate, college graduate, middle school graduate or Pre-K graduate (okay, they’ll likely be more interested in the super-cool design you pick out, especially if it’s one of our animated graduation cards!), you can find the perfect grad card for them.

From a sentimental “The future is bright” design to a classic “Congrats!” to a very punny “Congratulations on your dip-llama” eCard, we offer tons of celebratory, personalizable graduation card designs all ready to send via text or email. You can send them instantly, or schedule ahead of time. You can even add an eGift card right to your card to turn your congrats into a gift they’re sure to love.

When should you send graduation cards?

You should send graduation cards shortly after the recipient has graduated to congratulate them on their accomplishments—ideally within a few weeks of their graduation date.

What should you write on a graduation card?

As with any card, start off by addressing the recipient by name! Then, include a congratulatory message acknowledging their hard work and wishing them luck for the future. If you have any words of wisdom to encourage them on the next step of their journey (or funny anecdotes of them to remind them of!), include them in your message. If you decide to include an eGift card in your graduation eCard, you can also write a short note about it and why you chose it for them!

eGift cards for graduates

Are eGift cards good to give as graduation gifts?

YES! Whether your graduate is graduating from high school or college, you can bet they’ll need some new things to help them on their journey! eGift cards truly are the perfect graduation gift—a new grad will absolutely use them, and eGift cards are a great way to get them used to picking out their own decor, bedding and more.

Evite offers eGift cards to dozens of top retailers, including Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora and HomeGoods. To send one to your grad, all you have to do is choose a graduation card, then pick which eGift card (and amount) you want to include with your card. You can send it instantly or schedule it to be delivered at a later date. And if you aren’t sure which eGift card is right for your graduate, our editors have some A+ recommendations on which eGift cards grads really want right now.

Graduation party tips & inspo

How can I throw the best graduation party ever for my graduate?

Well, the first step is easy—send a graduation party Evite to family and friends to bring everyone together to celebrate your grad! After you’ve done that, it’s time to do a little fun homework. Luckily, Evite (again) has done the research for you! Some of our top graduation party planning blogs and articles include:

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you that a graduation party isn’t the coolest party to throw ever, we encourage you to check out our blog, Why you should have a graduation party. Long story short, you don’t have to go OTT to celebrate your graduate! Let the caps (and confetti) fly!