Graduation invitation wording 101

A graduation party invitation with stars and confetti.

Crank up the “Pomp and Circumstance”—graduation season is upon us! The best part about a landmark occasion like this one is celebrating with your loved ones, and that starts with the invitation. No matter your degree (PhD, bachelor’s, high school or even preschool) we’ve figured out the fitting words for your invitation, so the only thing you have to worry about is your grad crossing that stage.

What to include on a graduation invitation

For any graduation invitation, there are a few key details you’ll definitely want to include to make sure guests have all the information they need to make it to your grad’s celebration. Evite’s event details section can help you figure out what info to share with your guests, but in general, these are the details you’ll need to share when sending a graduation invitation:

The what: Tell your guests what they’re being invited to! For instance, let them know if this is the official graduation ceremony, an open house grad party or a lowkey backyard party.

The who: Include the grad’s full name, their school name and graduation year. You should also note who the host is.

The where: Provide the name and address of the event’s location.

The when: Note when the ceremony or party begins (and ends, if applicable).

If you have more info you want to share, no worries! You can always add more details in the “Note from host” box, from info about the grad’s degree to deets about the dress code for the event.

After you send out your invitation, put together a “What to Bring” list to let your guests know what essential items you’re hoping to have at your event. This is super helpful for planning the ultimate potluck grad party or for ensuring you’ve got all the necessities for an outdoor ceremony (*cough cough* sunscreen and signs!).

Another way to make planning a breeze? Printing out our graduation party planning checklist! Stay on top of the planning process with this comprehensive to-do list.

How to format a graduation invitation

When editing your graduation invitation, you’ll want to make sure your formatting is clear and your info is easy to read.

In terms of invitation text, we suggest keeping it simple and including the following on your invitation design:

  • The grad’s full name, school name and grad year
  • The date and time of the event
  • The location of the event

Make sure to choose a font style and text color that suits your invitation and keeps your information legible.

Remember: There’s no need to try to cram everything onto your invitation! With Evite’s event details section, you’ll be able to share all the event specifics with your guests separately from the info included on the invitation design. For example, you might choose to just include the name of your event’s location on the invitation design and save the full address for the event details section.

Preschool or kindergarten graduation

If you’re celebrating a little smarty pants, choose one of Evite’s adorable graduation invitations designed with kiddos in mind. 

Left: Grad Duck Pool Party Right: Big Year

High school graduation

First, choose a design that fits your grad’s vibe. Then, add all the key details! Depending on the invitation you choose, there might even be room to get fun and creative with your wording.

Left: 2024 Pink Curled Streamer Right: End of an Era

Undergraduate college graduation

After four long years, they’re finally getting ready to cross that stage. Plan the perfect celebration for this momentous occasion with one of Evite’s professionally designed invitations.

Left: Golden Balloons Right: Graduate 2024

Graduate program graduation

The uber-academic among us deserve all the recognition in the world! If your grad is about to receive their master’s, a doctorate or some other graduate-level degree, prepare for a stellar celebration with a beautiful invitation.

Left: Grad Party UYO Right: Top of the Class

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