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Holiday invitations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the merriest season by sending out holiday party invitations to gather loved ones for a special celebration. With plenty of free and Premium holiday party invitations to choose from, Evite is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re planning a Secret Santa party, White Elephant party, hosting a Christmas dinner or Hanukkah gathering, or partying hard for New Year’s, Evite is your one-stop-shop for holiday planning. Add important details on your invitation, customize your design, make your guest list (and check it twice), hit “send” and get ready for some serious holiday cheer.

Holiday Invitation FAQ

What is the purpose of a digital holiday invitation?

The purpose of a digital holiday invitation is to gather your friends and family for a special celebration. Whether you’re observing an important religious holiday, carrying out a family tradition or just planning some festive fun, sending a digital holiday invitation is a fuss-free way to gather your guests and save some paper. Digital holiday invitations make planning an arctic breeze because they allow the host to get an accurate headcount and communicate with guests in real-time. And no need to climb down any chimneys: digital holiday invitations can be delivered via email, text or shareable link.

When should I send out holiday invitations?

Sending out holiday invitations at the right time ensures your guests can plan ahead for your celebration. For most holiday parties, a good rule of thumb is to send invitations 4–6 weeks before the party as people’s schedules fill up pretty quickly around the holidays. For a Christmas party, this means you’ll probably want to send out your invitations around late November or early December. Hanukkah follows the lunar calendar, so make sure to double check which dates it falls on each year, but you’ll typically want to send your Hanukkah invitations sometime in November. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th through January 1st, so invitations should be sent out by early December at the latest. Lastly, if you’re planning a New Year's Eve party, send your invitations as early as possible. Everybody loves a New Year’s bash, so if you send your invitations by late November (or ideally earlier!), your chances of having a well-attended party are higher.

What should be included on a holiday invitation?

Your holiday invitation should include these key details: date, time, location and dress code. In addition to the important details, your party invitations are also a great opportunity to spread some holiday cheer! If space permits, wish your recipients a happy holiday season or sugar and spice things up with a fun holiday pun. You can even include a festive photo of your dog, yourself, your family or whatever you want with one of Evite’s photo templates!

How can I create a holiday invitation?

Creating a digital holiday invitation is a turkey trot in the park with Evite. Simply select your favorite free or Premium digital holiday invitation from our holiday party invitation collection, or specifically browse Christmas invitations, Hanukkah invitations, Kwanzaa invitations, New Year’s Eve invitations or office holiday party invitations. Make sure to also check out our holiday photo invitations which allow you to upload a pic of your own directly to your invitation. Once you’ve got your invitation selected, it’s time to customize! Adjust the size, font and color of your text; change the color of your invitation’s envelope and background; and add fun stamps and stickers to your design. Whether you choose a funny design or a classic design, Evite makes it easy for you to add a personal touch to your holiday invitations with all of our fun customization features.

How else can I celebrate the holidays?

There is so much to celebrate during the holiday season! Evite has a wide selection of beautiful invitations for major winter holidays, including Christmas invitations, Hanukkah invitations, Kwanzaa invitations and New Year’s invitations. We’ve also got you covered for office holiday parties, White Elephant parties, ugly sweater parties, Secret Santa parties and more holiday activities. And don’t forget to send out holiday cards with Evite! From Christmas cards to Hanukkah cards to general holiday cards, Evite is your one-stop-shop for spreading holiday cheer. Send a card with an extra personal touch: our photo cards are perfect for uploading a family photo. We’ve also got you covered in the gifting department: make sure to browse Evite’s Holiday Gift Guide for plenty of holiday gifting ideas and inspiration. No matter who you’re shopping for or what your budget is, our gift guide has everything you’ll need.

What other invitations does Evite offer?

At Evite, we know that life is full of so many reasons to celebrate! That’s why we offer invitations for every kind of occasion, including: Thanksgiving invitations, Easter invitations, Passover invitations, Halloween invitations, Birthday invitations, Wedding invitationsBusiness invitations. And so many more! If you’ll be throwing lots of parties in the coming year, make sure to check out Evite Pro. This annual subscription gives subscribers the ability to send an unlimited number of Premium invitations for any kind of party. Kids’ birthdays, weddings, fundraisers—you name it! Evite Pro is here to help you party more, stress less and stay organized.