Merge Your Accounts – No More Missed Invitations
Multiple email addresses can get messy, especially when you’re sending or receiving Evite invitations on the regular. But with our new Merge Accounts feature, you can now manage all your invitations in one place and never miss a party invitation again.

To merge your accounts, log in using the email address you’d like to keep as your main account. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “Settings.” Here, you will see your “Account Settings.”
Under “Add Email,” type in the other email address that you want to merge with your main account. You can merge multiple accounts if you have multiple email addresses. If there an account already exists with the email address that you want to add, our site will prompt you for the password of that account before you can add it.
Once you click “merge,” your events and contacts will be merged. Your account will feature the profile photo attached to your primary email. If you merge and then change your primary email later on, the photo attached to the primary email will be deleted.

If you decide to unlink your merged accounts, the account you unlink will become an unregistered account.

So, there you have it! Now if Aunt Judy invites to a party using your childhood email address and your coworker invites you to happy hour using your work email address, you can RSVP to both right from your main Evite account.

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Happy Merging,
Team Evite