Design Your Own Invitations
From dinosaur ballet birthday parties to Orange is the New Black binge-watching marathons, there are many unexpected ways to get together. Feeling extra creative? Have a pre-existing image that you’d like to upload? Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on You’ll love what’s new: Design Your Own invitations.

When designing your own invitations you’ll have three different layouts to choose from:

1. Landscape

This is great for flyers or photos that are wider than they are tall. In the example below, a customer used a photo from the beach and used our text editing function to write over her image.
To start creating your own landscape invitation, click here.

2. Portrait:

This is perfect for flyers or photos that are taller than they are wide.
You can set up your own portrait-style invitation here.

3. Square:
To make your own square invitation from scratch, start here.

When designing your premium invitations, you may want to keep the following tips in mind:

• Use the highest resolution photo you can find of the image you choose to upload. If it’s an existing graphic with words on it already, it will be much easier to read this way. For images, high resolution keeps the photo from becoming blurry.

• If you are planning to use our text editor to write over the image, make sure there is enough negative space to make the writing legible and clear. Your guests will thank you!

We hope you enjoy this new premium option!

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Happy Inviting,
Team Evite