Now, Customize Your Event Reminders
Okay, let’s face it. Sometimes your guests need a little reminder. Previously, by default, event reminders were automatically sent 2 days before the event date, but we know that timing doesn’t work for every type of event, and sometimes, guests just need a last-minute reminder the night before. Now, Evite lets event hosts customize how many times and how many days prior to their event email reminders out. You can send guests a maximum of 3 reminders.

To customize event reminders, click the “Event Reminders” bar on the right side of the page during the invitation creation process to release a dropdown. There, you can personalize reminder options as you please!
You must set up at least one reminder message for guests; this feature cannot be disabled. However, if an invitation is created less than 4 days before the event date, a reminder will not be sent. (For example, if an invitation is created on Tuesday for an event on Friday of that same week, a reminder will not be sent.)

Bonus: If a guest has yet to RSVP, the email event reminder will nudge that guest to return to the invitation to do so.

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