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Here’s Our Exclusive Report on 2024’s Top Kids’ Birthday Party Trends (Because We Don’t Gatekeep!)

Kids at a car-themed birthday party.

Every year, the bar gets raised higher and higher when it comes to kids’ birthday parties. But we're here to let you in on a secret: One of the easiest ways to ensure a seriously successful bash is to incorporate fresh, fun elements that’ll keep your guests and guest of honor thoroughly entertained. We’re talkin’ fun food, iconic photo ops, uber-cool favors—the whole nine yards! 

Don’t be intimidated! Wow-worthy parties are super attainable if you’re in the know. That’s why we spoke with three experts in the kids’ birthday party space, Luciano Barajas of His & Hers, Brett Galley of Hollywood Pop and Sabrina Maldonado of Stay Golden. And because we don’t gatekeep here at Evite, we’re spilling all the tea on the top kids’ birthday trends they’re predicting for 2024.

Perfectly Personalized Themes

Image of a Coachella-themed kids' birthday party.
Photo from Stay Golden

Clients are getting more and more creative with themes,” says Sabrina. “We’re seeing people combine their kid’s interests into the theme.” Themes can revolve around the birthday kid’s favorite movie, sport or activity, so long as it’s true to who they are!

In fact, character-themed parties are especially big for younger kids: “Barbie, Little Mermaid, Super Mario Brothers and superheroes are always very popular,” explains Brett. Luciano also agrees one character in particular will be huge next year: “Barbie may have been the icon of this year, but we have a feeling she will continue her reign in 2024.”

Photo from Amazon

As for teens, Brett notes anything Taylor Swift-themed is a total crowd-pleaser. And according to Luciano, there are a few other stand-out themes for older kids: “We are seeing a huge trend in TikTok-themed parties, glamping parties, spa parties and glow parties.” Sabrina agrees that teens are living it up with their themes: “Neon parties will still be huge and we’ll start seeing inflatable clubs being used. Spa parties with facials and manicures will still be a fun go-to for teens and interactive parties overall will be popular!”

Bold Decor with Plenty of Photo-Ops

Two girls at a Barbie-themed birthday party.
Photo from Stay Golden

“Kids’ parties are bringing back loud colors, keeping things young, playful and fun!” says Luciano.

Two ways to bring some of this pizzazz to any party? “Organic balloon decor and bespoke floral carts, all with personalized taglines and the guest of honor’s name,” explains Brett.

Sabrina notes, “The use of stages or platforms decked out to the fullest in floral moments and personal touches elevates any backdrop and brings any party theme to life.”

“Clients are curating experiences that include similar concepts you would see in today's weddings,” says Luciano. “We’re seeing more kids’ parties with extravagant seating charts, live entertainment and content creators to ensure everyone knows how much fun you had on Instagram and TikTok.” 

Hosting an Instagrammable event is especially important for older kids. “Teen parties in 2024 will be designed around fun photo experiences,” explains Sabrina. 

Bespoke Favors—to Wear or to Eat!

A wall of Crocs at a crocodile-themed birthday party.
Photo from His & Hers

When it comes to favors, guests are heading home with some seriously cool personalized swag and sweets. In 2024, Brett expects “personalized water bottles and snack bags, colorful sand pails with beach accessories, personalized sports jerseys, personalized donut walls” and so much more.

Personalized favors that double as an interactive activity are seriously popular. “For us,” explains Luciano, “the most common party favors have been live pop-up shops that include branded apparel, custom grab-and-go treats, candy walls and DIY crafts.” 

Big Guest Lists

A boy surrounded by his friends at a birthday party.
Photo from Hollywood Pop

“The size of kids’ parties will grow bigger in 2024,” says Sabrina. “I see clients inviting their child’s entire class to celebrate and extending invitations to siblings, too. I feel parties will continue to be amazing productions for large groups as we pull away from intimate get-togethers in general. More fun to be had!” Brett agrees parties are trending larger, explaining, “Many schools have requirements to invite the whole class or no one at all!”

This is especially true for milestone birthdays because, as Luciano explains, “Milestone parties are now the new micro-weddings!”

Interactive Food

A cupcake-decorating activity at a birthday party.
Photo from Stay Golden

According to Luciano, “Food and drinks are now a huge part of your kids' experience at your celebrations.” He explains, “We are seeing a rise in trends for food carts, food trucks and signature mocktails.”

Interactive food and dessert carts are huge amongst all the food trends!” agrees Sabrina. “Think sundae carts, shaped cotton candy made in front of awed guests, unique churros and pretzels, wood-fired pizza, delicious sliders and different flavored french fries.”

Luciano is expecting exciting eats to continue dominating the space, explaining, “From PYO (paint-your-own) cookies, to making-your-own crepe bars, to Dylan's Candy-inspired mocktails, food and beverages are getting more interesting!”

“Caterers are getting so creative and thinking outside of the box,” finishes Sabrina.

Crafty, DIY Moments

A paint-your-own firetruck activity at a birthday party.
Photo from Stay Golden

“Our clients are opting for fun craft giveaways and I love that kids are using their imagination more and more through these activities! Something kids can be entertained by at the party, take home and continue to enjoy is a trendy party favor that I hope never goes out of style!” explains Sabrina. “At the Hot Wheels party we styled, we had a paint-your-own car kit. At a teen pool party, we gave away baskets filled with friendship bracelets, lip balm, sunnies, and towels the partygoers could use by the pool and take home. Another idea I adore is a design-your-own sunnies craft—such a cute activity that lets kids show off their creative side!”

Whether it’s a gift for the birthday kiddo or a favor for the guests, Brett agrees that DIY crafts are all the rage right now, explaining, “Crafty and interactive gifts are always a plus.”

Photo from Stay Golden

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For more party inspo, check out Luciano, Sabrina and Brett’s work!

His & Hers (Luciano) in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA: Instagram | Website

Stay Golden (Sabrina) in Los Angeles, CA: Instagram | Website

Hollywood Pop (Brett) in Greenwich, CT: Instagram | Website

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