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The 10 Baby Shower Trends You’ll Definitely Be Seeing in 2024

In 2023 alone, over 215,000 baby shower invitations were sent using Evite. If your jaw just dropped, we’ll give you a minute to pick it up. In other words, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what people are loving for their baby celebrations. As we look forward to the coming year, we can already tell what to expect on the people-who-are-expecting scene based on top searches! So, here are Evite’s top 10 predictions for the most popular shower trends of 2024.

Oh, and if you like any of the designs below (they are quite adorable, after all), just click the image to start creating your invitation! 


This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2024. There’s something about a gentle palette of soft greens and neutral, natural tones dotted with charming critters that appeals to people of every age. It’s also so easy to bring to life with simple greenery, wildflowers and wooden accents. Fun game idea: Play a classic “who am I” guessing game with each guest trying to figure out which woodland animal they are!


We introduced more mushroom designs last year because people just couldn’t get enough of this fun(gi) theme in 2023. And can you blame them?! Groovy and mushroom-y baby showers were all the rage last year and one thing is clear: This theme is here to stay for 2024.


Good news, boho lovers—this trend is sticking around, too. From the soothing, earthy hues to the ample opportunities for crafty activities like flower-crown making, this theme is the perfect way to celebrate the free-spirited mama-to-be in your life and her growing family.


There’s a reason “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is one of the most popular lullabies. We’ve been taking inspo from the skies above for eons, and stars, clouds, the sun and space in general will continue to shine bright this year.

Classic Characters

We all have a fictitious character that seemed oh-so-real to us when we were little, so it’s natural that we want to share our first non-familial love with the next generation. And as we enter 2024, it’s clear that this trend is going to be bigger than ever as invitations featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Bambi and Winnie the Pooh remain super popular.


When celebrating a little one to come, it’s a no-brainer to stick with themes that score well on the cute-o-meter. Hence why animal-centered themes are always a hit for baby showers! In addition to a classic woodland theme, safari-themed showers continue to dominate in the space. I mean, is there anything cuter than baby giraffes and lions?


Maybe it’s the joyful tones of orange and yellow. Maybe it’s the opportunity to set up a mom-osa bar. Or maybe it’s because we were all seeing TikTok DIYs of dried orange garlands this year (or was that just us?). Regardless, citrus showers were all the rage in 2023 and will definitely continue to be big in 2024, particularly for celebrations held in the spring and summer!


Gasp! Another animal theme? We know, we know. But what can we say!? Everyone wants to throw a cute shower for the mama-to-be, and bears are, well, simply adorable. You really can’t go wrong with this classic option. Whether you take the teddy bear route or the foresty route, anything featuring these adorable furry friends will continue to be bear-y popular throughout 2024.

Gender-Neutral Palettes & Themes

The days of blue- and pink-themed parties aren’t in the past, but more and more, we’re seeing gender-neutral colors (greens, taupes, yellow) and themes (sunshine, stars, nature, animals) chosen from our assortment of baby shower invitations.


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got to address the elephant in the room. Or, rather, the elephant on the list? Whatever. The point is: We’ve continued to see a ton (no pun intended) of elephant-themed showers over the past year. Pro tip: Soft pastels and decor featuring sweet illustrations are particularly popular with this theme.

New trends are constantly emerging, so make sure to browse Evite’s full collection of baby shower invitations to see all of our latest designs. In addition to our trendy options, we also offer plenty of classic designs, too!

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