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Baby shower on a budget ideas that deliver all the fun without all the bills

Baby shower tablescape with a cute elephant planter, glasses and party favors.

Hosting a baby shower is undoubtedly an honor, but the costs associated with it can definitely add up. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save money without cutting back on the fun! Here are our top 7 tips for throwing the best baby shower on a budget ever.

1. Send Digital Invitations

Not only do digital invitations like Evite save time and are more eco-friendly, but they’re also significantly less expensive vs. their traditional paper counterparts. Plus, you can find animated designs for every theme and track RSVPs from any device

Some of our favorite free baby shower invitations include:

A watercolor bear invitation next to a photo of a teddy bear-themed baby shower.

Among the Trees Baby Shower Invitation

Cake with "oh baby" sign over it next to a matching invitation.

Gold Foil Dots Baby Shower Invitation

A wildflower invitation next to a backyard with floral decor on tables.

Wildflowers in Bloom Baby Shower Invitation

A tablescape with star plates and pink florals next to an invitation with a pink elephant and stars.

Baby Pink Elephants Baby Shower Invitation

2. Hold the shower at someone’s house, a park or a church

Tablescape in someone's backyard.

Many parks (especially in cities) charge reasonable rental fees if you want to reserve a space for a party, but if you want to spend $0 on a venue (remember—this is usually the most expensive part of a baby shower!) a private home or church is the way to go. Holding a shower at someone’s home will forever be a top location choice, not only because of cost, but because it offers more flexibility and can be more comfortable for everyone involved.

3. Don’t go to the florist for flowers

Flowers at Trader Joe's.

Instead, opt for a trip to the farmers market or mix and match bouquets from Trader Joe’s!

4. Decorate with balloons and reusable decor

Collage of woodland-themed decor.

The incredible balloon arches you see all over social media? They sell kits for those on Amazon! They can take a little time to construct, but you can’t argue with the savings vs. hiring a company. You can also find balloon centerpieces to fill up tables for impressive yet affordable decor. And when we say reusable decor, we’re talking about purchasing items that the parent(s)-to-be can use post-party, like giant stuffed animals and diaper cakes. While they aren’t the cheapest decor, if they’re being used long after the party is over, it’s doing more than just being party decor.

Our party decor recommendations for top baby shower themes:


BABY Blocks, Table Runner, Banner, Balloon Garland Arch Kit, Balloon Centerpieces, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Wooden Cake Stand


Balloon Garland Arch Kit, Banner, LED Light-Up Balloons, Gold 3D Star Garland, Table Runner, Tablecloth


Balloon, Banner & Pom Pom Kit, Table Runner, Balloon Garland Arch Kit, Macrame Backdrop, Candle Holders, Dried Pampas Grass, Tablecloth


Balloon Garland Arch Set, BABY Blocks, Table Centerpieces, Giant Plush Bear with Baby Bear, Table Runner, 12” Plush Bears, Balloons, Banner, Tablecloth


Table Runner, Balloon Garland Arch Kit, Leaf Ribbon, Tissue Flower Decor, Glass Bud Vases, Gold Round Mercury Glass Vases, BABY Blocks, Bunting, Banner, Balloons


Balloon Garland Arch, Banner, Honeycomb Cupcake Stand, Balloons, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Tablecloth, Table Runner, Ceramic Pitcher, Vases, Candles, Candle Holders

5. Buy baby shower supplies on Amazon or at the dollar store

Collage of celestial-themed baby decor and supplies.

Amazon has SO many options when it comes to great party supplies (seriously, you can find supplies for any and every theme), and TikTok has made the dollar store the place to shop now. Between the two, we bet you can find everything you need at the prices you want.

Our party supply recommendations for top baby shower themes:


Napkins, Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Straws


Full Tableware Set, Star Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Napkins, Straws


Rainbow Plates, Scalloped Plates, Cutlery, Cups, Napkins


Plate, Cup, Napkin & Straw Set, Cutlery, Tumblers, Bear Bottles, Napkins, Straws


Plate, Cup & Napkin Set, Cutlery, Tumblers, Napkins, Straws


Plate, Napkin & Fork Set, Honeycomb Plates, Napkins, Cups, Drink Stirrers, Cutlery

6. Create a DIY buffet

Veggies and dip display with bunny theme.

Instead of catering the food, consider heading to your local bulk grocery store for apps and snacks. Charcuterie, crudités, chips, finger sandwiches and wings are all low-effort, low-cost bites that people love. If you’re serving alcohol, a signature cocktail you can premix before the party starts is a fantastic choice, or you can stick with water and flavored seltzer. 

7. Opt for DIY or inexpensive baby shower favors

Party favors are simply a bonus “Thank you!” to your guests they can take home and enjoy. Keep things simple and sentimental by either creating them yourself (little plants/succulents, jars of honey and even ornaments are easy to personalize) or checking out Etsy and Amazon for bulk purchases. Etsy offers tons of adorable, customizable party favors at all price points, and Amazon is a great place for finding supplies to craft your favors. Don’t forget—cookies and candy are fabulous party favors, and you can easily make them yourself or purchase them and package them in charming little boxes.

Some of our favorite baby shower favors under $5 each:

Royal icing cookies in baby shower designs.

Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

$58 for 12 cookies ($4.83 each before tax/shipping)

Candles with personalized tags on them and dried flowers.

Personalized Baby Shower Little Pumpkin Candles

$35.75 for 10 candles ($3.58 each before tax/shipping)

Succulents in burlap bags.

Succulents with Burlap Bags

$43.99 for 15 succulents with bags ($2.93 each before tax/shipping)

Wooden bunny ornaments with personalized messages.

Personalized Engraved Bunny Ornaments

$20 for 10 ornaments ($2.00 each before tax/shipping)

Jars of honey with personalized labels.

Personalized Honey Bear Jars

$37 for 10 jars ($3.70 each before tax/shipping)

Seed cards in the shape of baby one-pieces.

Personalized Wildflower Seed Packet Cards

$24 for 16 cards ($1.50 each before tax/shipping)

Three personalized bath bombs.

Personalized Bath Bombs

$27 for 10 bath bombs ($2.70 each before tax/shipping)

Assortment of personalized soaps.

Personalized Essential Oil Soap Bars

$39 for 10 bars ($3.90 each before tax/shipping)

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All of the products we feature are hand-selected by our editors! You see only what we love and what we think you'll love too. If you buy something through links on our site, Evite may earn a commission. Prices are subject to change.

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