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The most enchanting ideas for hosting a woodland baby shower (warning: cuteness overload!)

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There are few baby shower themes that have stood the test of time as well as the woodland baby shower. And for good reason! With its adorable animal imagery, soothing greenery and generally majestic vibes, you truly cannot go wrong with this awesome theme. 

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for throwing a woodland baby shower, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here with plenty of advice, tips and product picks so you can plan a party that transports your guests into a wonderful, woodland atmosphere straight out of your favorite foresty fairytale.

What is a woodland baby shower?

A woodland baby shower is perhaps one of the cutest ways to celebrate a growing family. To achieve the woodland theme, hosts will include lots of forest decor, centering their color palette around earth tones like green and brown. 

Another crucial component of the woodland theme? The animals, of course! Deer, bears, foxes, squirrels, owls, raccoons and rabbits are just a few of the most classic critters associated with this theme.

What should I write on an invitation for a woodland baby shower?

Left: Water Color Woodland Border Right: Forest Friends

First, make sure to select an invitation that fits the theme of your baby shower. Luckily, Evite offers plenty of woodland-themed baby shower invitations featuring the most adorable designs! 

Once you’ve selected your woodland baby shower invitation, craft an on-theme message for your guests! You’ll of course want to include key event details on your invitation, like the party’s date, time and location, but it’s also fun to add a cute or punny sentence to get your guests excited for the foresty fête.

Here are some woodland baby shower invitation wording suggestions:

  • Join us for a beary fun baby shower!
  • Be a deer and join us!
  • Come over fur a baby shower!
  • Join us for a baby shower! It’ll be a hoot.
  • We’re celebrating the mama bear and her little cub!

We have even more advice about what to write on a baby shower invitation here! Learn more about formatting your invites, customizing your template and all the key details you'll need to include.

How should I decorate for a woodland baby shower?

And now we come to possibly the most important part: the decor! To really capture the woodland theme, you’ll need to make your party space feel like a magical forest. By using a combination of rustic signage, artificial greenery, cute critters and wooden decor, you’ll be able to create a cohesive and captivating atmosphere with that enchanting woodland feel.

The 10 decor items you need for the ultimate woodland baby shower:

  1. Animal Banner
  2. Rustic Charcuterie Board
  3. Woodland Dinnerware
  4. Artificial Moss
  5. Unfinished Wood Center Pieces
  6. Woodland Critter Cupcake Toppers
  7. Tree Stump Tea Light Candle Holders
  8. Log-Shaped Pencils
  9. Sage Green Table Runner
  10. Decorative Pine Cones

What food should I serve at a woodland baby shower?

Like any other baby shower, you’ll want to make sure you’re providing your guests with plenty to snack on. In addition to the classics (i.e. charcuterie boards and crudités), here are a few tree-riffic woodland-themed snack ideas:

Acorn donut holes

Dip the top of glazed donut holes in melted chocolate, add chocolate sprinkles and press a piece of a thin pretzel stick into the top.

Woodland cupcakes

Top homemade or store-bought cupcakes with these adorable woodland-themed cupcake toppers from Amazon.

Cheeseball hedgehog

Shape cheese dip into an oval, top with pecans, almonds or pine nuts to form your hedgehog’s quills and give him a little face using slices of black olive.

Tree slices

This one is all about the signage. Simply make or purchase sandwich roll-ups and put out a sign to let guests know they’re actually “tree slices,” not sandwiches.

Birch logs

Grab some big pretzel sticks and dip them in melted white chocolate. Next, drizzle with melted milk chocolate to really achieve the tree trunk look!

What games should I play at a woodland baby shower?

No baby shower is complete without a few fun games! To stick with your theme, consider adding a woodland twist to classics like bingo or trying out some foresty faves like “Guess how many bears!”

Here are some bear-y cute woodland baby shower games and activities we love:

Woodland bingo

At this point, bingo is practically obligatory at any baby shower. Just make sure to grab some on-theme game boards like these ones from Etsy!

Guess how many bears

Grab a jar like this one from Amazon, then fill with a set amount of gummy bears of Teddy Grahams. Consider this your reminder to write down how many you actually put in the jar!

Name the baby animal

One of the great joys of the English language is finding out the various and sundry words for baby animals. Our fave right now is “poult” (translation: baby turkey).

Build your own trail mix

Finally, you can be in control of the M&M to raisin ratio of your trail mix. Give your guests something to do and snack on with this fun snack-making station.

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