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How to host an ethereal picnic

Written by Kimberly Tish

Let me paint you a picture.

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, there’s a soft, gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees. You’re wearing the cutest of summer linen sets and all of your besties are texting in the group chat saying they have no plans for the day.

If that doesn’t make you want to run to your nearest Trader Joe’s, buy copious amounts of cheese and throw a picnic, then I don’t know what will.

But seriously, one of the most glorious gifts of spring and summer is their propensity for picnic-perfect weather. And I think we can all agree that no one has ever turned their nose up at the opportunity to bask in the sunlight while hanging with friends and snacking on grapes and brie. 

So, now that we’ve confirmed that picnics are the ultimate daytime party option, let’s break down how to throw the best one ever.

Send a cute invitation

First things first: You’ll need to send an invitation with vibes as magical as the picnic you’re planning. Browse Evite’s assortment of picnic invitations to find a design that’ll set the tone for your event.

With Evite, you can also easily divvy up responsibilities with a What to Bring list or with Evite SignUp Sheets. Make a What to Bring list for guests to easily select what foods, beverages and supplies they’ll bring. Or, for ultimate party planning, make a SignUp Sheet so guests can select what they’re bringing or what role they want to play. In other words, you’ll never be without enough wine at your party or people on your clean-up crew.

Location, location, location

Choose a picturesque outdoor location for your picnic. Look for parks, gardens or meadows with ample space and natural beauty. Seek out spots with trees for shade and open spaces for a clear view of the sky. Consider factors like accessibility, restroom facilities and parking when selecting the perfect spot.

Set the scene with decor

Transform your picnic area into a magical oasis with cute decor. Opt for pastel-colored blankets, lace tablecloths and soft cushions to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Hang fairy lights on nearby trees or bushes to add a touch of enchantment. Scatter flower petals or use floral garlands to adorn the surroundings and evoke the feeling of being in a fairytale wonderland.

Here are a few of our top decor picks for picnics:

For the ultimate list of decor picks and picnic supplies, head to our Amazon shop.

Menu fit for faeries

Craft a menu inspired by light, refreshing flavors that embody the essence of spring and summer. Pack an assortment of finger foods such as fresh fruits, artisanal cheeses, delicate finger sandwiches and vibrant salads. Don't forget to include refreshing beverages like homemade lemonade, herbal teas or fruity spritzers served in elegant glassware. Consider adding a touch of decadence with petite desserts like macarons, jam hand pies, mini tarts or delicate pastries.

Embrace nature’s bounty

Take advantage of the abundance of seasonal produce available during spring and summer. Incorporate a variety of ripe berries, crisp cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes and fragrant herbs into your picnic spread. Visit local farmers' markets or pick your own fruits and vegetables for an added touch of freshness and sustainability.

Entertainment and activities

Enhance the ethereal ambiance with activities that encourage connection and appreciation of nature. Bring along a deck of tarot cards for whimsical readings, set up a DIY flower crown station or organize a leisurely nature walk to explore the surrounding landscape. Encourage guests to bring musical instruments for an impromptu jam session or engage in storytelling sessions beneath the shade of a tree.

Leave no trace

Respect the environment and leave your picnic area as pristine as you found it. Bring along biodegradable or reusable utensils, plates and napkins to minimize waste. Dispose of trash responsibly and consider participating in a brief cleanup of the area before departing. By practicing Leave No Trace principles, you ensure that future picnickers can enjoy the beauty of nature just as much as you did.

All in all, a picnic is the perfect way to get your group together and chillax in the great outdoors. Plus, the recipe to success is pretty simple: With a solid location, cute decor and tasty snacks, you’re almost guaranteed to throw a fab event. So, grab that picnic basket and get ready for an unforgettable afternoon!

Kimberly Tish is a fashion and lifestyle content creator based in Orange County, CA. She started creating social media content in 2018 and has been growing her community ever since. 

Kimberly was born in Manila, Philippines before immigrating to the US at the age of 7. Growing up, Kimberly felt a lack of representation of women who looked like her. With this in mind, she creates content with the goal of representing Filipinas in the fashion and beauty space. During the pandemic, Kimberly found her love for sharing home decor and easy DIYs which earned her the title of “Fashionista Filipina Martha Stewart.”

Through her social media platforms, Kimberly has cultivated a community of women who enjoy trying out different fashion trends (no matter their size), hosting themed dinner parties, cooking easy recipes and DIY home decor.

Kimberly is very passionate about teaching her followers fun and simple ways to try new things and express their own creativity.

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What is a signup sheet?

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Long story short, signup sheets save everyone involved tons of time, avoid scheduling headaches and ensure everything runs smoothly before and during the event.

How do I create a signup sheet?

Creating a signup sheet has never been easier than with Evite! Here’s how to create a sheet that’s sure to make your event an absolute success:

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  1. After selecting your sheet template, create a title for your signup sheet and add the date, the location, the time (if applicable), who the organizer is, the organizer’s phone number or email and an optional note describing the event to your volunteers. You can also change your signup sheet background and title image if you wish!
  1. Next, create slots for your signup sheet. If you aren’t logged into your account, you will need to do so at this point, but luckily, you can use your existing Evite account (no need to create yet another login!). What you’ll include here will depend on what your event needs, but you can include a list of what’s needed (along with optional descriptions), how many volunteers are needed, and dates and times.
  1. After creating your slots, you can then add a wish list from any retailer or include supply suggestions from Evite’s retailer partners. These are to help your volunteers find and purchase supplies quickly and easily.
  1. Finally, review your sheet, copy your shareable link and send it out to everyone on your list! Every time a volunteer signs up for a slot on your signup sheet, Evite will email you. We will also send reminders to you and your volunteers before your event so no one will forget about it, and we’ll even let volunteers know if you remove their slot or cancel your event sheet so you don’t have to!

What information should be included on a signup sheet?

When it comes to signup sheet information, there are some essentials to include regardless of what you’re organizing:

  1. A title for your signup sheet. Tip: Aim to keep your signup sheet title concise but clear. You want volunteers to read it and have a general understanding of what your event is about, and also make it easy for them to look for later if they need to reference your sheet again. You have the option to include a more descriptive note in a different field about your event, so save the more in-depth details for that!
  1. When and where the event is taking place. 
  1. The organizer’s name and phone number.
  1. Slots for volunteers to choose from. Once you choose the SignUp Sheets template that fits the occasion, the slots you’ll need for your sheet will be right there and ready for you to add the relevant info, such as dates, times, items to bring and tasks to complete. 

When adding your slot information, clearly define what people are signing up for, especially for a what-to-bring list or role assignments. If you want someone to bring healthy snacks for kids to enjoy after a game, specify that. You want your volunteers to feel confident in what they’re bringing and to make it easy for them to know what’s expected of them. It will save them time and stress (and you, too!). That being said, if you make your ask too specific (for example, asking for a hard-to-source item or something expensive), you may not end up with a volunteer for it. So be clear about what you expect, but also be reasonable!

Aside from providing the basic signup information, you can also add optional descriptions to both your entire signup sheet and individual slots. While not required, they can help guide your volunteers further and provide more information. You can add information about allergies, preferences and general info about the event. You can also add a wish list to make it easier for your volunteers to bring exactly what you need!

What are the benefits of using a signup sheet template?

Signup sheet templates offer a ton of advantages for both organizers and volunteers and with Evite SignUp Sheets, you'll enjoy even more benefits than other digital and paper signup sheets! Some benefits our signup sheet templates offer include:

  • A 100% free experience (no subscriptions required!).
  • Shareable links for quick and easy sharing.
  • No need to create another login—you can use your existing Evite account.
  • The option to add a wish list to help your volunteers out.
  • Automatic reminders—we’ll remind everyone on your behalf.
  • An easy-to-use experience with eye-catching guided templates.
  • Clean, modern designs with no pop-up ads.

With Evite SignUp Sheets, you can enjoy organizing and coordinating all your events with ease. Signup sheets streamline the signup process for everyone involved, ensuring that everything will go to plan on the day of your event while saving you precious time in the process.

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