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Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties: Our top 6 planning tips

A parent and child celebrating a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

As an official partner of one of THE most iconic birthday party venues of all time, Chuck E. Cheese, not only is Evite thrilled to offer the coolest Chuck E. Cheese birthday invitations ever, but we’re also equally excited to share some top tips and info around planning a party your kids will never forget. (BTW—if you love a good checklist, check out this downloadable one!)

But first—what do Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties offer?

Chuck E. Cheese has been around since 1977, so chances are, you have your own memories of going to an amazing party there! Well, guess what? They’ve only gotten better. Chuck E. Cheese recently added new games, prizes and food, as well as an all-new birthday live show with THE Chuck E. Cheese. As if this isn’t enough, they also have an interactive Dance Floor and Jumbo Video Wall so everyone can boogie on down at the bday party. And, for littles (AKA kids under 56” in height), they have Trampoline Zones so they can leap into another year with their friends! 

Another super fun fact to note about Chuck E. Cheese: They welcome partiers of every age, so no matter how many candles are on their cake, they can blow them out here. (Another super fun fact: Approximately 10% of Chuck E. Cheese’s parties are held for 1-year-olds!)

Chuck E. Cheese provides different birthday party packages to suit every kid’s dream, but all of them include:

  • Arcade game play
  • 2 slices of pizza and unlimited drinks per child
  • A reserved table for 2 hours
  • Complete party setup
  • Ticket Blaster and special recognition on stage for the Birthday Star
  • A birthday show in English, Spanish and ASL

Basically, if your kid likes pizza and games (and what kid doesn’t?), read on!

Our top 6 birthday party planning tips

Choose which party package is best for your kiddo

Kids dancing with Chuck E. Cheese.
Image courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese offers 3 birthday party packages to choose from: Super Fun, Mega Fun and Ultimate Fun. Each package includes different activities, experiences and treats to enjoy, and as their names imply, all are FUN!

Packages and prices may vary based on location, date, and time selected. Due to supply chain issues, supplies are subject to change based on availability. Gameplay duration, collectible cups with free refills for life, and bonus E-Tickets vary per package. *All You Can Play games are for the duration of your party and expire at the end of the party date. At participating locations with Chuck E.’s Play Pass.

Did you know you can actually get your birthday cake right from the venue (AKA, Fun Center)? Yep, Chuck E. Cheese offers a selection of yummy cakes to help you check yet another party-planning must-have off your list. They sell ice cream, too, if you want to make your party extra sweet! 

Book your party package early

A child gathering tickets in Chuck E. Cheese's Ticket Blaster.
Image courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

To say Chuck E. Cheese is a popular place for kids’ parties would be an understatement, so reserving your dream party date at this iconic venue early is important. You can book a birthday party reservation up to 60 days before the party (or even as close as 24 hours before the party), but Chuck E. Cheese recommends booking your party 4 weeks before the big day to ensure the best possible chance of securing your preferred date. 

We’re sure your next question is, “How will I know how many guests to account for before I send out the invitations?”, and it’s a great question! Chuck E. Cheese cannot guarantee that you can add additional guests prior to the party, so they suggest you hold for the maximum number of guests you will be inviting. You can always lower your number up to 24 hours prior to the party! You are also allowed up to 2 no-shows if the per-child party minimum is met (child minimums vary per location and are noted on the reservation site prior to booking)! 

Send invitations to everyone

A Chuck E. Cheese invitation featuring their characters against a backdrop of rainbow sprinkles.

A party isn’t a party without people, right? After you book a party package, send a themed invitation to your birthday party! We recommend sending your invitations out 4–6 weeks before the party to give guests (and their parents) plenty of time to make arrangements to attend. 

As part of our partnership with Chuck E. Cheese, Evite offers free, official Chuck E. Cheese invitation templates along with tons of other fun kids’ birthday invitation themes, including dinosaur invitations, video game invitations and jump-themed invitations. You can send your invitations via text or email, and when you upgrade to Premium, you can also choose a cool background, envelope, liner and stamp, as well as enjoy the option to send your Evite via shareable link. Regardless of which design you choose, make sure to add the name and age of the Birthday Star to your invitation card and add all of the important info (date, time, Chuck E. Cheese location, gifting info, etc.) to your event details.

Find and purchase any extra party decor & supplies

A girl in a Chuck E. Cheese birthday hat holding a star wand in front of a blue tinsel backdrop.
Image courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese provides tablecloths, cups, napkins and utensils for every birthday party, but if you want to personalize your kiddo’s party even more, we recommend grabbing your decorations 2 weeks before. BTW—your party coordinator at Chuck E. Cheese can help you plan the setup! 

Some birthday party decorations & supplies to consider:

  • Balloons
  • Table decor
  • Cake toppers and candles
  • Streamers
  • Goody bags

Need some birthday party decor ideas? Check out our top picks by theme on Amazon

Check your RSVPs for a final count at least 24 hours before the party

Image courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

All Evites come with free, instant RSVP tracking and notifications you can access from any device. So yeah, we make it easy to get a final headcount before the celebration of the year! We also send reminders to your no-reply guests before the party to ask them to RSVP in time. Because Chuck E. Cheese allows you to reduce your guest count up to 24 hours before the party, make sure your guest list matches your guest count. If you need to make any changes, contact the Chuck E. Cheese you booked the party with and they can help you out!

Head to Chuck E. Cheese and have fun at your epic birthday party!

Kids at a table being served pizza while Chuck E. Cheese looks on.
Image courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

Undoubtedly, the best part of planning a Chuck E. Cheese party is actually celebrating it. Prepare to enjoy 2 hours of pizza, games, cake, music and making birthday wishes—and don’t forget to hand out goody bags, max out your phone storage with party photos (make sure you get everyone to say “Cheese!”) and send your thank you cards after the party!

Evite is an official partner of Chuck E. Cheese. Information in this article is provided by Chuck E. Cheese and is subject to change. Please visit their website for the most up-to-date info. All of the products we feature are hand-selected by Evite’s editors. You see only what we love and what we think you'll love too. If you buy something through links on our site, Evite may earn a commission. Prices are subject to change.

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All of the products we feature are hand-selected by our editors! You see only what we love and what we think you'll love too. If you buy something through links on our site, Evite may earn a commission. Prices are subject to change.

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