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Fun divorce party ideas to celebrate your new status

A close-up of a group of women clinking wine glasses together at a party.

Gone are the days when a divorce was a “we don’t talk about this” scenario. In fact, formerly hitched couples who have decided to go their separate ways are using this occasion to live it up and celebrate their newfound freedom from each other. Evite has seen a 22% increase in divorce party invitations since 1999, with 2023 setting a new record. After all—a new beginning should be celebrated with others!

Here’s how to throw a divorce party—and embrace a new chapter in your life—that celebrates YOU and toasts your brilliant future! But before we get into our epic divorce party ideas…

What’s the etiquette around throwing a divorce party?

Divorce parties are still a relatively new idea, so the guidelines around them aren’t completely defined, but there are some basic rules of etiquette to consider:

  • If you have children (esp. young or school-aged kids), it’s recommended to keep them completely uninvolved (and even unaware) of the party. While you should celebrate yourself and this new step in your journey if you wish, your kids may not fully understand what’s happening and they could be upset by it. Divorce triggers a lot of various emotions, and what may be feelings of freedom and joy for you isn’t necessarily what your kids will feel. If your children are adults, they may be totally fine with it and want to celebrate with you, but be mindful and consider their feelings.

  • Every divorce is different and happens for a whole variety of reasons. It’s recommended, though, to apply a positive tone to your celebration. Make it about YOUR new era and YOUR exciting new future, not about your past with your ex. You’re the star here, and don’t forget it!

  • You can have a huge divorce party if you want to, but it’s often best to keep your guest list exclusive to only your nearest and dearest—your close-knit group of ride-or-dies who have been supporting you throughout your divorce. That being said, occasionally, people will co-host a divorce party WITH their ex. Which, if this is a “we’re simply just better off as friends” situation, go for it. It might be the last time you have to split a bill together!

  • You CAN include a divorce registry. Registries are about helping loved ones know how they can celebrate and/or support you during a major life milestone, and a divorce registry can make all the difference in helping a newly single person rebuild their life. As with any registry, no one is required to purchase something from it, but creating one and adding it to your event makes it easier for family and friends to understand what you need without having to ask directly.

What should you write on a divorce party invitation?

Divorce party invitations are just like any other invitations—you need to include the date, time, location and, of course, the reason for the party. The first 3 components, you’ve got that, but how to say “Hey, come celebrate my divorce!” takes finesse. Or a clever sense of humor. You can absolutely opt to keep it simple with “Join me as I celebrate a fresh start!” or “You’re invited to my divorce party!”, or you can get creative with your wording.

Here are some divorce party invitation messaging ideas:

I do. I did. I’m done.

Newly UNwed

Boy, bye

Problem solved

Finally free

In my divorce era

It must have been love (but it’s over now)

The end of an error

Divorced AF

Straight Outta Marriage

Legally single & ready to mingle

Just divorced

(Pro tip: Many of these sayings also work on a cake. Because what’s a party without a cake?)

Top divorce party ideas

“In my divorce era”

Woman in a sequin dress in front of a sequin backdrop and balloons.

This theme is so good, we even created an Evite just for it! Whether you’re a Swiftie celebrating never ever getting back together with your ex or just really like the whole “in my ___ era” vibe, this top divorce party theme means dressing up in your sparkliest ’fit and gathering your best girlies for a night of fun.

“I changed my name back”

Cake topper that says "Changed my name back."

Perfect for anyone who took their spouse’s name during the marriage and, like that hideous chair you always hated, would now like to give it back. We recommend doing it up with tons of personalized decor featuring your reclaimed last name (check out Amazon for some great options!).

All the single ladies

A group of women drinking rose together and laughing.

Okay, this theme doesn’t mean you have to invite single ladies only to party with you. This is your chance to get a drink in your cup, put gloss on your lips and let the dance floor/world know you’re single and ready to celebrate it!

Housewarming hangout

Two women hugging each other in someone's home.

While many divorcees treat their divorce party as its own special event, it’s also common to combine a divorce party with another milestone celebration. Housewarming-divorce party combos are a popular option if you also have a new addy to share with your loved ones.

“Next chapter” book club

A group of people reading books together in a park.

As a divorce party really is about celebrating the next chapter of your life, why not take it literally (or should we say, literarily)? Consider throwing a one-off book-themed party where everyone shares their fave empowering books, or start up a new book club so you can keep the good vibes coming week after week.

“May divorce be with you”

A cake with "May divorce be with you" written on it.

Look, if you’re a Star Wars fan, why not get your geek on with your party? After all, Han and Leia didn’t work out either. 

Adult sleepover

A group of women lying down on a pile of blankets and pillows.

As you look forward to the future, why not indulge in a little light-hearted nostalgia and have a grown-up slumber party with your BFFs? Stream some rom-coms (or horror movies), swap soda and Doritos for wine and charcuterie (or have it all!) and break out the tarot cards to divine what’s in the cards for all of you.

“Sweet ending”

A plate full of sweets and sprinkles.

Any excuse to throw a candyland-themed party is a good one, but this one feels especially sweet. Whether your divorce was amicable or you’re just happy to be free from a relationship that wasn’t working for you, celebrate it with lots of your favorite candies, desserts and maybe some sugary cocktails.

Spa day

Two women lying down with cucumber slices over their eyes.

Looking for a more low-key way to celebrate (and treat yourself to some much-needed self-care)? Bring your besties together for a spa day, either at your local spa for a private pampering party or right in the comfort of your own home.

Create-your-own cocktail competition

Two fancy cocktails on a table.

No drowning in your sorrows here—combine the excitement of a competition with the fun of a cocktail party! Have everyone bring ingredients for their go-to cocktails, then make, drink and rank them. Regardless of whose concoction wins, everyone wins!

Happy trails

People dancing on a light-up dance floor while wearing cowboy hats and fuzzy coats.

Forget the “Yes” of the engagement and instead, embrace the “Yee-haw!” of this Western theme. Grab some cowboy/cowgirl hats, kick-butt boots and your best pals to enjoy a shindig you’ll never want to forget.

(Long) weekend getaway

Two women blowing kisses to the camera in front of the Eiffel Tower.

What better way to make a fresh start than by taking a step back from your everyday life and going on a trip with your support system? While a whole “Eat, Pray, Love”-style journey is probably unrealistic for most, a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go to (but never visited with your ex), near or far, is a fantastic way to greet and treat the new you.

It’s all gonna be karaOKe

A woman singing into a microphone while a man plays guitar.

Get those feelings out, via the medium of karaoke! This one is easy—head to your local karaoke bar (if they have private rooms, go for those!) or invest in a home karaoke machine your neighbors are sure to side-eye you for (let them) and sing “I Will Survive” at the top of your lungs with your backup group.

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