What to write in a baby shower invitation

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Planning a baby shower can be an extremely exciting experience. Between the cute decor, the sweet snacks and the plethora of adorable themes, crafting the perfect party can be almost as fun as the party itself!

But before any baby shower comes the invite. Figuring out how to word your baby shower invitation can end up feeling like the hardest part of the whole planning process. If you’re in the midst of figuring out what you’re going to write on your invitations, we’re here to help support you through that process.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about baby shower invitations. From the key details you should cover to sweet note suggestions you might want to include, this guide will have you ready to tackle invitation writing by the time you’re done reading it.

And don’t forget to check out our guide to the latest baby shower trends to get the scoop on this year’s top themes. We’ve also got you covered with plenty of ways to word a baby shower card, making it easier to send the parents-to-be a heartfelt note.

Information to include on a baby shower invitation

It’s important to give your guests all the details they’ll need to plan ahead for your party. This means you’ll want to pass along any information pertaining to the party’s date, time and location—at the very least! We’ve listed out info to include here. 

1. Date and time

Make sure to include the date of your party clearly on your baby shower invitation. You can format the date and time in numerous ways, depending on the type of party you’ll be hosting.

For a more casual baby shower (i.e. at home, at a family member’s house, etc.):

Ex. 5/11/2024 at 3 PM

For a more formal baby shower (i.e. at a restaurant, at a hotel, etc.):

Ex. Saturday the eleventh of May at three o’clock in the afternoon

2. Location

This one’s a no-brainer! You’ll need to at least provide your guests with an address for the event. If you’re holding your baby shower at a private home, indicate at whose residence the party is being held. If you’re holding your party at a restaurant or other establishment, indicate the venue’s name.

Ex. The Anderson Residence

58 Lone Pine Rd.

Omaha, NE

Ex. Cedar Falls Restaurant

45 Mountain View Rd.

Denver, CO

3. Dress code

Let your guests know how to dress for the event. Typically, baby showers trend on the formal side, though recently, hosts are opting for more casual gatherings, too. If dress code is an important factor of your event, indicate attire guidelines on your invitation.

4. Guest(s) of honor

Indicate who the guest or guests of honor will be at the event. The guest of honor is typically the mama-to-be, but you may also host a baby shower in honor of the papa-to-be. If you’re hosting a couples’ shower, be sure to list the names of both expecting parents on your invitation.

Ex. Join us for a baby shower honoring [expecting parent’s name]

Ex. You’re invited to a baby shower in honor of

[expecting parent’s name] and [expecting parent’s name]

5. RSVP information

Evite simplifies the RSVP process because guests RSVP to your event directly through your Evite! Instead of having to keep track of emails, text messages and phone calls, you can find all of your RSVPs right on your invitation—and they even update in real-time! 

If you would like your RSVPs in by a certain date, you can provide guests with an RSVP deadline on your invitation.

6. Gifting information

With Evite, you can include up to three registries from retailers of your choice directly on your invitation. You can include a baby fund, too! Read more about Evite’s gifting options here.

Because a baby shower can be such a joyous celebration for the guest of honor and guests alike, it is also typical to include a sweet sentence or on-theme pun or phrase to tie the whole invitation together. We’ll cover wording suggestions below!

Baby shower invitation wording examples

In many cases, the theme of your party will dictate how you choose to word your invitation. An invitation to a themed baby shower will often include a cute or punny line of writing at the top related to the theme.

For a citrus-themed baby shower:

A little cutie is on the way!

For a celestial-themed baby shower:

We’re over the moon!

For a bee-themed baby shower:

Sweet as can bee!

For a storybook-themed baby shower:

A new chapter begins!

For an outdoors-themed baby shower:

A new adventure begins!

For a boys’ baby shower:

Here comes the son!

For a girls’ baby shower:

Girls run the world!

For a bear-themed baby shower:

Our little cub is on the way!

For an animal-themed baby shower:

Here comes the wild one!

If you are hosting a non-themed or a gender-neutral baby shower, you may want to include a more generic snippet of writing at the opening of your invitation, such as:

  • A little one is on the way!
  • Welcome, little one!
  • Hello, baby!
  • Oh, baby!
  • Let’s celebrate!

Next, you’ll want to verbally extend your invitation to your guests, provide information about the party and indicate who the guest of honor is. Some examples include:

  • Please join us for a baby shower honoring [guest of honor’s name]
  • Join us as we celebrate the mama-to-be [guest of honor’s name]!
  • You’re invited to a baby shower in honor of [guest of honor’s name]!
  • We’re having a baby shower for [guest of honor’s name]!

How to format a baby shower invitation

Once you’ve figured out what to write on your baby shower invitation, the next step is putting it all together. We’ve included a few examples below to help you figure out how to format your invitation.

Customize your baby shower invitations with Evite

Customizing your baby shower invitations is easy with Evite. To create an extra special invitation for your baby shower, it’s important to select the right design for your party! Once you’ve found your favorite template, personalize it using Evite’s text editing tools and design features.

Evite offers plenty of text editing features to format your invitation template. You can:

  • Change your font
  • Adjust text size
  • Select text color
  • Move text boxes

You can also customize your envelope and invitation:

  • Add stamps and stickers
  • Select an envelope and patterned liner
  • Change the background behind your invitation

You can also take control of gifting with your Evite invitation:

  • Add up to three registries
  • Add a baby fund
  • Include Amazon gift suggestions

Yup, you read that right! With Evite, you can add up to three registries directly to your invitation, making gifting a total breeze for your guests. If you’ve already built a registry with a retailer, you can simply link it to your invitation. If you’re planning on building a registry, but not sure where to start, we suggest making an Amazon registry for the most streamlined process. Once your registry has been created, all you have to do is add the link to your invitation. You can find even more information about Evite’s gifting options here.

And if you’re looking to plan a different party for celebrating new life, Evite offers a wide variety of baby sprinkle invitations, sip-and-see invitations and gender reveal invitations. Our selection of parenthood journey invitations also includes an array of inclusive designs for celebrating different types of family planning.

When should I send out baby shower invitations?

Baby showers are typically thrown during the third trimester and can occur as late as a month before the baby’s due date. Once you’ve figured out when you’ll be holding your baby shower, it is best to send out baby shower invitations 6–8 weeks in advance. By giving your guests ample time to RSVP, they’ll be able to mark their calendars and make arrangements to attend your celebration! You can read more about when to send out baby shower invitations here.

And just like that, you’re ready to get started on your baby shower invitations! Read up on baby shower etiquette and learn more about the top games to play at a baby shower to prep yourself for all aspects of your party.

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