What to write in a thank you card: 14 simple thank you card messages

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For many of us, saying “please” and “thank you” is one of the earliest ways we learn to be polite human beings in this world. So much changes as we get older, but that lesson definitely remains relevant throughout any stage of life. That’s why we’re here to talk about the second half of that lesson—the thank you! Specifically, the thank you card. 

No matter your reason, sending thank you cards is an important way to express your gratitude and let others know they’re appreciated. Plus, it’s the polite thing to do! From greetings to sign-offs and quite literally everything in between, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about thank you cards. We’ve even included different message examples by occasion to really pull you out of your writer’s block.

What to write in a thank you card

Sometimes you’re well aware that time is ticking and you need to send out your thank you cards—but actually sitting down to write them? That can feel like the biggest task ever! Though it may seem intimidating, thank you card writing is actually pretty straightforward if you consider a few key components:

The greeting: Start off your message on the right foot with a warm greeting like "Dear [name]," or "Hello [name]," or whatever you feel fits best given your relationship to the recipient.

The gratitude: Clearly state your appreciation for the person's actions. Whether you’re thanking them for something tangible like a gift or something else like their support through a difficult time, it’s important to explicitly express your gratitude (don’t worry, we’ll give you some examples for how to do this below).

The deets: Mention the thing you’re grateful for! Did they give you an awesome book for your bday that you’re loving? Let them know! Was their guidance throughout your job search, college search, house hunt or any other stressful period seriously helpful? Tell ‘em! A personal touch makes the recipient feel valued in a real and genuine way.

The feels: If it feels appropriate, mention how their action made you feel! This adds an emotional connection to your message.

(Bonus tip) The future: Depending on your relationship, throw in a little mention of future plans you either have with the recipient or hope to make with the recipient. Convey your excitement about seeing them again to further remind them that they’re awesome and you’re happy they’re in your life!

The sign-off: Again, use your best judgment here, but make sure to close your card with a heartfelt sign-off like "With love," "Sincerely" or "Warmest Regards," followed by your name. More on this below.

And if you’re feeling super thankful…

The gift card: Show your gratitude by giving them an excuse to treat themselves! Send an eGift Card with ease using Evite.

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14 simple thank you card messages

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s dive into some specific occasions that might require a thank you card. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered with different wording examples to help you figure out how to phrase your own message.

Thank you for hosting

If you’ve ever hosted your own gathering, you know how much time, effort and STRESS goes into making it all come together. When attending an event as a guest, sending the host or hostess a thank you card post-party is a great way to show your appreciation for their efforts.

Simple, green thank you card with an example message.


1. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful party! We had such a great time and will be thinking about those amazing desserts for a while. Looking forward to the next get-together!

2. Thank you for welcoming us into your home! As always, you put together the most lovely gathering we could’ve imagined! Getting to know everyone was such a treat and we especially enjoyed [insert detail here!]. Can’t wait to see you at [future event].

Thank you for the gift

Receiving a gift is always fun, but don’t forget to say thanks to the gift-giver for thinking of you! Especially after a wedding or baby shower when you’ve just received a bunch of gifts, it’s super important to send out your thank yous in a timely manner.

Colorful thank you card with a swirl design and an example card message.


3. Thank you so much for the [gift]! You know me so well. I can’t wait to use it for [occasion]!

4. I’m so grateful for your gift! It’s absolutely perfect and I’m so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. 

Thank you for your support

When we’re going through difficult  or stressful times, having the support of our besties or family members can give us that push to keep going. Sending a thank you card expressing your gratitude for that supportive superstar in your life is a great way to let them know how important they are to you.

Tessellated card design with an example message beside it.


5. Thank you so much for being there for me during this difficult time. Your unwavering support gave me the strength I needed and I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

6. You have no idea how much help you’ve been during this time. You have such a big heart and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  

Thank you for all you do

Sometimes, you want to show appreciation for someone without a specific reason! Warm their heart and bring a smile to their face with a meaningful thank you card.

Thank you card with three blue flowers and an example message beside it.


7. You’re the best. Thanks for making the world a better place, always making me laugh and being there for me through life’s ups and downs. You rock! 

8. Wow, how lucky am I to have you in my life? Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all you do.

Thank you for the birthday wishes

Birthdays are the best, especially when they come with an influx of love and kind words from a sometimes random assortment of people (shoutout to that great aunt you haven’t seen in a decade who sends you a card every year). Regardless, it’s important to promptly respond to people’s well wishes with a warm thank you.

Thank you card with holographic typography and an example message.


9. Thank you for the heartfelt birthday wishes! Your kind words and thoughts made my day even more special.

10. Your birthday card cracked me up! Thanks for the well wishes and for bringing so much joy to my life.

Thank you cards for weddings

You fell in love and you tied the knot. Now what? It’s time for those post-wedding thank you cards, of course! As we all know, it takes a village to put a wedding together, so sending thank you cards after your big day is a gracious way to express gratitude to those who helped make it happen. Typically, couples will send thank you cards to guests, thanking them for attending or for any gifts they gave, as well as vendors, friends and family members who were part of the planning process.

Wedding thank you card with an example message to it.


11. Thank you so much for putting together the most beautiful floral arrangements for our wedding. You truly transformed our venue into a magical place and created such a gorgeous atmosphere for our big day. Cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work! 

Learn more about how to word wedding thank you cards here.

Thank you cards for holidays

Whether it’s the most wonderful time of the year or the spookiest time of the year (which is debatably the most wonderful time of the year, too), sending a festive thank you card after hosting a holiday party is a great way to make your guests feel appreciated and let everyone know how much fun you had with them! 

Snowflake thank you card with an example message.


13. We had such a holly jolly time celebrating with you at our Christmas party! Thanks for joining us—and for bringing that delicious fruit cake!

14. Thanks for joining us for our annual Halloween party! It was truly a spooktacular time.

How to sign your thank you card

When signing your thank you card, consider your level of closeness to the recipient. If they’re your BFF and the tone of the card is more lighthearted, then a silly “XOXO” is totally valid and also adorable. However, if you’re thanking a colleague for their support on a work project, you might want to stick with a classic “Best wishes” or something along those lines.

Thank you card sign-offs for close friends and family:


"With Love,"

"Much Love,"

“Lots of love,”


Thank you card sign-offs for acquaintances or colleagues: 


"Best wishes,"


"Warmest regards,"


Sending thank you cards with Evite

A gif showing the process of creating and customizing a thank you card with Evite.

Evite makes it easy to express your gratitude to those in your life. With Evite, you can:

1. Customize your messages

After hosting an event, Evite makes it easy to send a thank you card to everyone on your guest list. Either write a universal message to send to everyone or send a personalized message to each recipient. 

2. Track delivery and view reactions

Did you know that Evite allows you to see when your card has been viewed? That way you can rest assured that your message was received. Plus, recipients can let you know how your card made them feel by reacting with an emoji!

3. Upload your own photo or design

Make your thank you cards extra special by choosing an upload your own design template. These templates allow you to upload your own visuals to your card, such as a pic from the party that really encapsulates all the fun times you and your guests shared.

4. Add an eGift card to your greeting card

When you send a greeting card with Evite, you can easily include an eGift card! Featuring top brands like GameStop, Starbucks, Target and more, Evite's selection of eGift cards seriously has something for everyone. And, as always, you can decide whether to send your card ASAP or schedule for delivery later.

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What is a signup sheet?

Signup sheets are the perfect way to streamline scheduling, volunteer recruitment, class parties, snack duty, potluck organization, parent-teacher conferences and more! You can think of them as your digital assistant for coordinating events and tasks and ensuring that your event is a success.

Evite SignUp Sheets offers parents, teachers and event planners customizable online forms that organizers and volunteers can access and update effortlessly. Volunteers can choose their preferred time slots, sign up for tasks or indicate what they'll bring to the event. It only takes organizers a few minutes to create a signup sheet and send it out with a shareable link, so they can get the word out via text, email or social media—whichever way they prefer! 

Long story short, signup sheets save everyone involved tons of time, avoid scheduling headaches and ensure everything runs smoothly before and during the event.

How do I create a signup sheet?

Creating a signup sheet has never been easier than with Evite! Here’s how to create a sheet that’s sure to make your event an absolute success:

  1. Go to Evite SignUp Sheets and choose the template that best fits your needs. Evite offers multiple signup sheet templates perfect for every occasion, including:some text
    • Signup sheets for standalone events (without different time slots), perfect for when you’re organizing a class party, potluck or end-of-season party.
    • Signup sheets for recurring or multi-day events (without different time slots), perfect for when you’re organizing a meal train, post-game snack duty or during appreciation week.
    • Signup sheets for single or multiple day events (with time slots), perfect for when you’re organizing concession stand volunteers, fundraisers and parent-teacher conferences.
  1. After selecting your sheet template, create a title for your signup sheet and add the date, the location, the time (if applicable), who the organizer is, the organizer’s phone number or email and an optional note describing the event to your volunteers. You can also change your signup sheet background and title image if you wish!
  1. Next, create slots for your signup sheet. If you aren’t logged into your account, you will need to do so at this point, but luckily, you can use your existing Evite account (no need to create yet another login!). What you’ll include here will depend on what your event needs, but you can include a list of what’s needed (along with optional descriptions), how many volunteers are needed, and dates and times.
  1. After creating your slots, you can then add a wish list from any retailer or include supply suggestions from Evite’s retailer partners. These are to help your volunteers find and purchase supplies quickly and easily.
  1. Finally, review your sheet, copy your shareable link and send it out to everyone on your list! Every time a volunteer signs up for a slot on your signup sheet, Evite will email you. We will also send reminders to you and your volunteers before your event so no one will forget about it, and we’ll even let volunteers know if you remove their slot or cancel your event sheet so you don’t have to!

What information should be included on a signup sheet?

When it comes to signup sheet information, there are some essentials to include regardless of what you’re organizing:

  1. A title for your signup sheet. Tip: Aim to keep your signup sheet title concise but clear. You want volunteers to read it and have a general understanding of what your event is about, and also make it easy for them to look for later if they need to reference your sheet again. You have the option to include a more descriptive note in a different field about your event, so save the more in-depth details for that!
  1. When and where the event is taking place. 
  1. The organizer’s name and phone number.
  1. Slots for volunteers to choose from. Once you choose the SignUp Sheets template that fits the occasion, the slots you’ll need for your sheet will be right there and ready for you to add the relevant info, such as dates, times, items to bring and tasks to complete. 

When adding your slot information, clearly define what people are signing up for, especially for a what-to-bring list or role assignments. If you want someone to bring healthy snacks for kids to enjoy after a game, specify that. You want your volunteers to feel confident in what they’re bringing and to make it easy for them to know what’s expected of them. It will save them time and stress (and you, too!). That being said, if you make your ask too specific (for example, asking for a hard-to-source item or something expensive), you may not end up with a volunteer for it. So be clear about what you expect, but also be reasonable!

Aside from providing the basic signup information, you can also add optional descriptions to both your entire signup sheet and individual slots. While not required, they can help guide your volunteers further and provide more information. You can add information about allergies, preferences and general info about the event. You can also add a wish list to make it easier for your volunteers to bring exactly what you need!

What are the benefits of using a signup sheet template?

Signup sheet templates offer a ton of advantages for both organizers and volunteers and with Evite SignUp Sheets, you'll enjoy even more benefits than other digital and paper signup sheets! Some benefits our signup sheet templates offer include:

  • A 100% free experience (no subscriptions required!).
  • Shareable links for quick and easy sharing.
  • No need to create another login—you can use your existing Evite account.
  • The option to add a wish list to help your volunteers out.
  • Automatic reminders—we’ll remind everyone on your behalf.
  • An easy-to-use experience with eye-catching guided templates.
  • Clean, modern designs with no pop-up ads.

With Evite SignUp Sheets, you can enjoy organizing and coordinating all your events with ease. Signup sheets streamline the signup process for everyone involved, ensuring that everything will go to plan on the day of your event while saving you precious time in the process.

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