8 Ways to Make Your Graduation Party Invitations Stand Out

Multiple graduation invitations with a starry background.

Written by Lily Borak

WOW. It’s been a long journey. Between the essays and the tests and the homework-filled all-nighters, it’s safe to say you’ve put in some serious work to reach this moment. So, please, I insist—take a second to give yourself an enormous, prideful pat on the back! Okay, okay, sorry…just had to bask in the glory of it all.

But, seriously, graduating is no small feat! And one of the best ways to mark this momentous occasion is with, well, a graduation ceremony, yes. But also with a graduation party! Usually held shortly after the ceremony (i.e. diploma day), grad parties are a great opportunity to bring your loved ones together, eat good food, take cute pics and feel like the accomplished and educated icon that you are. 

To set the tone for your grad party, you’re gonna want to make sure you send out absolutely iconic grad party invitations. Something that stands out, something that pops, something that screams, “Not only am I now a diploma-holder, but I’m also fun and creative and amazing!” You get the vibes.

So, I’ve put together this list of ideas that you can try out with your graduation invitations this year. There’s no shame in going for a more classic, minimalistic vibe, but if you’re looking to give your invites a little extra oomph, read on!

Idea #1: Show Off That Senior Portrait

If you’ve already taken your senior portraits, take this opportunity to show off those pics because chances are you absolutely slayed your photoshoot. Whether you’re fully clad in your grad attire or just rockin’ one of your fave fits, let ‘em know who the grad is (oh, that’s right—it’s YOU!) by uploading your portrait right onto your invitation. And if you haven’t taken your senior pics yet, fear not! I’ve got you covered with makeup and skincare finds for the big day.

Idea #2: Make a Collage of Past School Photos

Pay homage to your past self by showcasing an adorable assortment of all your school photos through the years. From kindergarten you with the straight-across bangs to 7th-grade you with the neon pink braces to senior you with your cap and gown, make a collage using a collage app, then upload your collage to one of our photo invitations! But, be warned: This one’s gonna hit everyone right in the feels.

Idea #3: Lean Into the Theme

Everybody loves a themed party and there is certainly no exception when it comes to graduation parties. Consider sticking with a color palette for your party (school colors are always a good choice), going for something silly like a “Smart Cookie Party” or (for the of-age college grads) opting for something classic like a champagne and confetti bash. Whatever theme you choose, it’s easy to match your invitation to your theme using our text editing tools, adding fun stickers to your envelope and color-coordinating your background and invitation.

Idea #4: Add a Little Humor

Left: Dip Llama Graduation Right: Whale Done Graduation

Sending a funny invitation is a great way to signal to your guests that this party is gonna be a good one. Because if I’m already laughing just from the invitation, I can only imagine the good times in store on the day of the actual party. You can add a little humor to any of our graduation invitations by including some funny invitation wording. Some ideas:

  • I survived. Let’s celebrate.
  • The tassel was worth the hassle.
  • Somehow, I graduated.
  • Mission accomplished.
  • I’m smart and stuff.

Idea #5: Bold Typography

“Graduate” is a pretty cool thing to be, so say it loud by sending an invitation with bold typography to really underscore how big of a deal this is. Fun lettering has been a big trend in the invitation space in recent years, and graduation party invitations are the perfect time to try this trend out. 

Idea #6: Add a Little ~Sparkle~

Glitter and parties go hand in hand. Given the fact that you will be celebrating something so epic at your grad party, it’s safe to say a lot of glitter is in order. First, choose an invitation with the optimal amount of glitter and sparkle. Then, choose a glittery envelope liner, add a sparkly background, select a metallic stamp and deck out your envelope with glittery stickers. Because, repeat after me, there is no such thing as too much glitter!

Idea #7: A Doodley Design

Left: Mortar Board Graduation Right: Doodle Graduation

Exude that yearbook doodle energy by choosing a grad party invitation with handwritten vibes. This is a fun option for a more laidback grad party, like a backyard BBQ or picnic, but also works for any vibe. Plus, if you’re also adding a photo of yourself to your doodley invitation, you’ll be sending something with a perfectly personal feel.

Idea #8: Customize Your Heart Out

Last but not least, perhaps the easiest way to create the coolest invitation is by finding a design you love and personalizing it to your heart’s content! Write a message on your invitation that’s true to you, then choose from dozens of fun fonts and text colors to get the right look. I love using an animated background behind my invitations for the extra ~drama~ and same goes for animated stickers on my envelopes. Play around, get creative and see what happens!

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