10 things to talk about with someone you just met

People talking and smiling over drinks.

Birthday parties, weddings, dinner gatherings...events are all about bringing people together—including people you've never met before! If you find yourself next to a new-to-you face, we've got some simple questions so you can go beyond "What's your name? Nice to meet you," avoid awkward pauses and genuinely getting to know someone new.

1. Ask how they know the host, then ask:

Do you have any funny stories about him/her?

What were they like as a kid/in middle school/back then?

2. Ask where they’re from, then ask:

What’s the best thing to do in your hometown? Any local spots or must-try food?

Do you go back to visit often? What's your favorite thing to do when you're back?

3. Ask where they work, then ask:

What’s something most people don't know about your job?

Have you always done this kind of work or have you worked in other areas?

4. Ask what they’re doing for an upcoming holiday, then ask:

Do you or your family have any fun traditions you do to celebrate?

Is this one of your favorite holidays/what is your favorite holiday?

5. Ask if they’ve been on a trip recently, then ask:

What was the best thing you ate/saw/did?

Are you planning any other trips? Where to?

If the following topics come up in conversation, try these follow-up questions:

6. If you’re talking about popular movies/TV shows, ask:

What was the last show you binge-watched?

Are you more of a movie or TV show person? Why?

7. If you’re talking about kids, ask:

When you were a kid, what were your favorite toys?

What's something kids have nowadays that you wish you had when you were a kid?

8. If you’re talking about their significant other, ask:

What did you do on your first date?

What do you all like to do for fun? Any shared hobbies?

9. If you’re talking about college, ask:

What did you major in? If you could go back, would you still pick that major?

What did you do for fun outside of classes and studying?

10. If you’re talking about current events, ask:

Did you hear about…?

Do you have any thoughts on...?

Note: Be sure to brush up on current events before going to the party and we recommend avoiding potentially sensitive topics (politics, for one). If you do bring anything that might be sensitive, be sure to keep an open mind.

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