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Artist Spotlight: Hannah Beisang, Ilana Griffo & Nikki Chu

Illustration of a group of women.

In recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the wonderful art of Hannah Beisang, Ilana Griffo and Nikki Chu. Now available in a variety of eCards and invitations, their work is filled with messages of empowerment and eye-catching art. We asked them a few questions about being a woman in the art world, so be prepared to be inspired by their answers!


Evite: What advice/saying would you have for other women in the art world?

Hannah: You are and will always be your own biggest cheerleader. Own it. Listen to yourself and carry on.

Ilana: I love seeing people share their gifts with the world, but I also know the value of making work just to make it, without the pressure to share it or monetize it. Express yourself in a way that feels right to you, and forget what everyone else is doing. Chase fun. 

Nikki: The advice I would give other women in the art world is probably in relation to the million-dollar question I always get asked; How do I make money selling my art? My answer to that question is what transpired for me later in my career as an artist—I began to license my art. Instead of working to sell your art, the art works for you by continuously being used in a multitude of products. In the world of licensing art, you have the ability to sell the art over and over again for years.


Evite: What makes you feel empowered?

Hannah: When my artwork leaves my studio to be enjoyed and bring happiness to others, it empowers me and pushes me on to keep creating. 

Ilana: Pursuing my own passion and seeing others do the same. I also feel so much better when I've had a true human connection. I make sure to move my body every day because that makes me feel strong and sets my day up on the right foot. I make a conscious effort to set clear boundaries in every area of my life and surround myself with people who lift me up. I've found that having a gratitude practice also helps! 

Nikki: What makes me feel empowered is creating something out of nothing. When I create art and use it to develop wallpaper, pillows, rugs or even bedding. That full-circle moment for me is when I see people post their homes on social media designing their spaces with the product. That ability to share my art with the world leaves me with the most rewarding and empowered feeling.



Evite: How can people better support women in the art world?

Hannah: You need to be able to recognize their strong creative drive and honor it as you would any other profession. Be willing to educate yourself on the history of women artists, beyond Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe. When you understand the past, it helps you better understand and support current women artists. Lastly, if you see a female artist you love, share her work. Visibility is key for artists. 

Ilana: Start by noticing who and where you're showing support, and ask how you can include some new creatives. Liking an artist's post online, sending their work to a friend you think will appreciate it, writing the artist a note about how much you admire their work, and of course, purchasing from female artists are all wonderful ways to show your support. It's important to remember to seek diverse artists with different perspectives too—from their physical location, their background and the materials they use. Everyone has a story to tell, and it's so beautiful to see how it translates to their art. 

Nikki: I feel people can better support women in the world of art by doing features and spotlights on their story and journey as an artist. Creating cool events like Art Basel that highlight women artists, or a digital art show, could be a cool way to feature women in the art world.

See all of Hannah, Ilana and Nikki’s work available now at Evite!

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