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  • Sweet Spicy Wings Submitted by: Lisa I.

    Sweet and spicy wings! You can make two batches of the sauce, use one as a marinade before grilling the chicken, and pour the second batch over the chicken after it is grilled. It is not mandatory to do it this way, just better!

    4.5 stars
  • Pizza On The Grill I Submitted by: Doug

    Even with a baking stone, a conventional oven is no match for a professional oven when it comes to making pizza. At home, or rather in your backyard, the grill is the way to go. The heat of a hot grill is perfect, and makes it possible to make incredible pizza at home. Use your favorite toppings, but keep in mind not to overload the pizza. Keep it light. Try it - everything is better on the grill!

    4.5 stars
  • Malaysian Barbecue Chicken Wings Submitted by: Ching Lim

    This is a Malaysian barbecue recipe that I came up with myself. It is very delicious, especially with chicken wings.

    4.5 stars
  • Basil Shrimp Submitted by: Gail Laulette

    This was given to me by my friend, Elaine. It is one of the most delicious shrimp recipes for the BBQ I have ever had, and it is so easy. My son would eat the whole recipe if I didn't watch him.

    4.5 stars
  • Marinated Flank Steak Submitted by: GUYCON

    A wonderful flank steak on the grill recipe I invented that friends just love! My girls think this is great, and it doesn't take long to grill. This also works great when sliced and used for fajitas.

    4.5 stars
  • BBQ Chicken Wings Submitted by: Patrick

    This yummy honey barbeque sauce is great on chicken wings, pork, or short ribs. The soy sauce and oyster sauce hint at an Asian inspiration, while the gin gives it an undeterminable edge.

    4.5 stars
  • Slow Cooked Baked Beans Submitted by: Linda Rier

    I've also made this recipe using Great Northern and Jacob's Cattle beans.

    4.0 stars
  • Key West Chicken Submitted by: TINA B

    This recipe from the Florida Keys has been given to almost everyone I know. It is the best marinade for chicken, and it only takes 30 minutes from prep till you can grill! It's a great blend of flavors with honey, soy sauce, and lime juice. If you have time, try marinating overnight for the fullest flavor.

    4.5 stars
  • Sensational Sirloin Kabobs Submitted by: Kimber

    After a wild night marinating in a slightly sweet soy sauce and lemon-lime mixture, sirloin steak chunks are skewered with veggies and grilled. You'll want to make these again and again!

    4.5 stars
  • Honey-Ginger Grilled Salmon Submitted by: Kerri Skrudland

    This recipe is simple to make, yet impressive. The marinade gives the fish a sweet taste that my family goes nuts for! If it's too cold out to grill it, you also may broil it.

    4.5 stars
  • Lemon Dijon Wings Submitted by: David Sabourin

    Delicious BBQ wings that are easy to make!

    4.5 stars
  • BBQ Potatoes with Green Onions Submitted by: Mylene Bernicky

    These potatoes are the best. My aunt made these for dinner one night, and we just drooled everywhere. MMM - Good, quick, and easy!!

    4.5 stars
  • Southwestern Roasted Corn Salad Submitted by: Kim Fusich

    Corn has never tasted so good! This is a perfect side dish for a BBQ and tastes great on a hot summer day.

    4.5 stars
  • Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans Submitted by: Tonya Merriman

    An old crock-pot favorite ready for the grill.

    4.5 stars
  • Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs Submitted by: Theresa Spencer

    This rosemary ranch chicken recipe is so delicious, tender, and juicy the chicken will melt in your mouth. Even the most picky eater will be begging for the last piece.

    4.5 stars
  • Honey Mustard Beer Brats Submitted by: RICOCHETRABBIT

    This recipe is very easy and makes delicious bratwurst. My guests always ask for these during football season. You won't be able to get enough onions and peppers in the slow cooker because every time we make them, we run out! This recipe is for 10. If you have a very large slow cooker, you can get 15 in, but most can only hold 10 (you may need another slow cooker if making more).

    4.0 stars
  • Grilled Buffalo Wings Submitted by: MATTD73

    This is a great recipe for grilled chicken wings. They are much better than fried!

    4.5 stars
  • Garlic Corn on the Cob Submitted by: CHRISTIE612

    Delicious and fresh summer treat. A favorite for everyone.

    4.5 stars
  • Best Hamburger Ever Submitted by: UNIVSTUDENT

    These burgers are the best on the grill in the summertime. Jam-packed with all kinds of stuff, and no tasteless bread crumbs!!!

    4.0 stars
  • Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers Submitted by: LAURENMU

    You will never want to eat frozen veggie burgers again. These are so easy, and you'll be proud to have created such a vegetarian delight.

    4.5 stars
  • Grandpa's Classic Coney Sauce Submitted by: Sean S.

    My Grandfather owned a drive-in restaurant back in the 1950's. This is his exact recipe for Coney Dogs from back in the day. I make this on special occasions and it is always hit with friends and family. Enjoy.

    4.5 stars
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