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Super Bowl® Squares

If your group is the wagering kind, play Super Bowl® Squares. This game is a simple way to keep all your guests, even those who couldn't care less about the game, totally involved. Don't be surprised when those apathetic viewers start screaming for teams to go for it on 4th and 1. Click here to print your Squares grid and find out how to play.

Big Game Fantasy Draft

Everyone loves to root for their favorite player, so up the stakes a bit by having everyone draft a Super Bowl fantasy player: Have a bowl with star players' numbers written down on pieces of paper. When guests arrive, they pick a player to cheer on (again, separate the teams into two bowls so fans aren't rooting for the wrong team). You can have small door prizes for the lucky guest who picked the game's MVP or the player with the most points scored, total yards or interceptions.

Commercial Scorecard

With the commercials getting crazier and crazier each year, pass out pieces of paper that your guests can use as commercial score cards, and have them rate each of the big commercials on a 1 to 5 star scale. After the game, tally up the winners.

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Featured Supplies

Show your colors! Pick streamers, balloons, paper plates and napkins in your team's colors. Make sure to find out which team your guests are rooting for so you can have both sides represented. If it's going to be a "mixed crowd," go with general Big Game supplies. If you're feeling generous, that is. Otherwise, it's your place, so your team rules.

Protect your big screen by having some yellow flags and soft foam bricks guests can toss when upset at the refs. And don't forget pom-poms. Whether as decorations or as party props, they can add to the fun.

It's a good idea to set up a second TV in the kitchen or another room besides your living room. Some of your guests may be there for the social aspects, and this will give them a place to chat while others are focused on the game.

For maximum indulgence (and laziness), rent a mini fridge to keep cold drinks at the ready. If you're having a lots of guests, use a bathtub to hold ice and beverages — it keeps the bottles and cans cold and out of your way, and cleanup couldn't be easier.

Click here to get more ideas and buy supplies!

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Really, you just can't go wrong at a Big Game party with a bunch of beer. You may want to ask guests to bring their favorite six-pack so you can have a nice selection, although if you choose this option have at least a 12-pack to start things off.

Your guests will also appreciate a Bloody Mary Bar where each can create a drink to his or her own taste. Start with a standard Bloody Mary mix. Then guests can add in their own vodka, hot sauce and cracked pepper. For even more customization, mix chilled tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and sea salt. Be creative with your garnishes. In addition to the standard celery stalks, put out bowls of blue-cheese-stuffed green olives, lemon wedges or wheels, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers and cocktail onions, and let guests skewer their own garnish.

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