Introducing… Shareable Links
Evite’s new Shareable Links option, available on all free invitations, is great for inviting people to open houses, professional events, classes, seminars, church gatherings, fundraisers, movie screenings, and more. This option allows you to share your invitation without entering guests’ email addresses.

Share easily in an email blast, on social media, or use the open invitation link in any promotional materials that you send out for your event. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: After entering your event details, proceed to Step 2 of event creation by hitting the green “Continue” button.
Step 2: Find the shareable link on the right side. It will start with Copy the link and share anywhere.
You’ll still be able to add email addresses on this step, as well as share via Facebook and Twitter with a few simple clicks. You can also find the shareable link in your Host Dashboard after you send you invitation.

Once guests receive your link, they’ll be able to go into your invitation and add themselves to your guest list so you can keep an accurate RSVP count. Please note: these guests will not show up on your guest list until they RSVP.

So… what are you waiting for? Start getting the word out about your events more easily with Evite’s Open Invitation option today.

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Happy Inviting,
The Evite Team