What to Bring Lists, Made Simpler by Amazon.
Bringing something to share? Our What to Bring tool just got a handy upgrade.

(A little refresher on the What to Bring list for those who aren’t familiar: That’s the invitation tool that lets hosts request and guests sign up for specific items to bring to the party.)
Now, once you sign up for an item, you’ll see the option to order it right away through our partnership with Amazon. Whether it’s disposable cups or chips and dip, you can take care of your contribution immediately by purchasing it online. Plus, your party supplies will be delivered right to your door. Shoutout to the procrastinators: that’s one less errand to run on the way to the party!
As a reminder, the What to Bring tool is available to any host who has chosen not to hide the guest list. The tool appears as an option after invitations are sent. Hosts can return to their invitation at any time to customize and update a What to Bring list.

It doesn’t get more effortless than that. And now, there really is no excuse to come empty-handed…

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Happy Ordering!
Team Evite