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St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas


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Throwing an Irish-themed party, especially on St. Patrick's Day, means going green. You can do this with decorations that are as cheap or expensive as you like: Green streamers set the mood if you're on a budget; if you have more green to spend, go all out with green light bulbs in your lamps, green helium balloons and shamrock-shaped party lights.

Gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins and Lucky Charms cereal make for festive table decorations - as well as great snacks. Fill bowls or vases with them to dress up your party.

Also, find a big rock (or make one out of Styrofoam or papier-mâché) to be your Blarney Stone. Position it near the door so people can kiss it when they enter. Since legend has it that kissing the actual stone is supposed to give the kisser the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness, you're bound to have more interesting party chatter if guests pucker up as they arrive.

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Again, green is the way to go with your St. Patrick's Day gear. Lads and lassies alike can get into the spirit of St. Patrick's by breaking out all the green clothing they can, pinning on a "Kiss Me, I’m Irish" button and topping it all off with a green leprechaun's hat.

To really cheese it up, use the Lucky Charms leprechaun as your guide. He sports a green blazer, a green scarf and a green bowler hat with a shamrock sticking out of it.

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For the over-21 crowd, drinking is the most popular way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Pub crawls to local Irish haunts give you a drinking break and some fresh air between drinks.

Put on a CD of traditional Irish songs and print out the lyrics for your guests so they can croon along to classics like "Danny Boy."

Hand out paper and pens and give your guests five minutes to write a limerick, then read them aloud in your best Irish accents.

If you're the adventurous type, send your guests on a treasure hunt for a leprechaun's pot of gold. Before guests arrive, hide your treasure (gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins in a small basket or glass makes a handy pot of gold), then have guests search for it throughout the party.

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Get out your green food coloring; you'll need it to dye everything from mashed potatoes to beer. In addition to green-colored treats, serve traditional Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread and lots of potatoes (our Mini Baked Potatoes are perfect for the holiday.)

For sweet snacks, put out bowls of green M&Ms and green jelly beans. Or make shamrock cookies using a clover-shaped cookie cutter. And don't forget, Irish whiskey and dark Irish beer make excellent dessert ingredients. You'll be a believer once you try our Car Bomb Cupcakes.

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Irish Coffee (serves 1)

  • 1 1/2 oz. Irish whiskey
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 6 oz. hot coffee
  • heavy cream, to taste

In a mug, combine whiskey, sugar and coffee. Stir to dissolve. Top with heavy cream to taste.

Non-AlcoholicMint milkshakes, Gatorade, green Kool-Aid

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