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Spa Party Ideas


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A few simple touches can turn any place into a spa retreat. How you decorate for your spa party depends on the type of indulgence fest you plan to have: a manicure party, pedicure party, makeover party, facials party, massage party — the choices are endless.

In addition to the particular items you need for throwing one of these parties, you'll want to establish a tranquil spa-like vibe with green plants, fragrant flowers like lilies and roses, stacks of fluffy white towels and bowls of fresh fruit.

Put out lots of soft pillows and blankets as well as magazines so guests can really feel like they've gotten away from it all. To soothe and satisfy all of your senses, plug in a small electronic waterfall and ditch the lights in favor of candles scented with lavender or eucalyptus.

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Again, the type of spa party you have will determine what you and your guests should wear. If you're planning on going all out with massages and facials, tell your guests to bring a big robe and slippers, so they can deck themselves out like they would at a real spa.

If you're hosting something more low-key like a manicure party, pedicure party or makeover party, just tell your guests to pack flip-flops and dress comfortably.

Most importantly, tell your guests to wear clothes that won't be ruined if they get stained with nail polish remover, lotions or foundation.

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If you're throwing an at-home spa party, you'll need a stock of products for your guests to enjoy. Here are some essentials to keep in mind depending on the type of treatments you'd like to have at your party.

  • Mani/Pedi Party: Since hygiene is of particular concern when it comes to the nails, you'll either want to have guests bring their own tools or stick with disposable. Orangewood sticks are great for cleaning underneath nails as well as pushing back cuticles, and they cost next-to-nothing. You'll also need lots of cotton balls, nail polish remover, hand/foot moisturizers, files and disposable pumice stones. Have guests bring one or two polishes so everyone will have lots to choose from.
  • Facial Party: If you're purchasing products for your group, buy ones that are formulated for sensitive skin. They are usually more mild and will most likely be best for several skin types. Again, some guests may feel most comfortable bringing their own products. Have lots of product spatulas handy so people don't have to dip their fingers into jars.
  • Massage Party: If you're hiring a masseuse for your massage party, they'll have everything you need for a great massage. If not, get the solid massage bars instead of the oils. They slowly melt when they make contact with the skin and are much less messy than their liquidy counterparts.

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Light finger foods make the best spa party treats. In addition to fresh fruit, serve tea sandwiches cut into small pieces perfect for snacking, assorted olives and crudites with a hummus dip.

Chocolate truffles round out the light meal nicely and help your guests keep that blissed out feeling long after their spa treatments end.

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Bellini (serves 1)

  • 2 peaches
  • 6 oz. Champagne

Peel and puree 1 peach. Pour puree into a Champagne glass. Add Champagne to fill glass. Stir gently. Cut second peach into thick slices; garnish glass with one slice.

Non-Alcoholic — Spa water: Add slices of lemons, orange, limes and cucumbers to a pitcher along with a few sprigs of fresh mint. Add water and ice to fill pitcher.

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