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Halloween Party Ideas


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Turn your lawn into a party guest cemetery. Cut headstones out of Styrofoam, cardboard or construction paper, and paint them a gloomy gray. Write each guest's name on each one, along with a clever cause of death. (Need inspiration? Use their personal quirks or interests, or watch some Six Feet Under reruns.) Glue a stick to the back of each one to affix to your lawn or line the walkway up to your home.

Since you'll want to keep lights spookily low for your Halloween party, dress up plain plastic cups with glow-in-the-dark stickers of moons and ghosts. And to add drama to a sit-down dinner, use the mini-murder-weapon game pieces from Clue to decorate each guest's place setting.

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Need help coming up with a costume? Try one of these:

  • Timely figures: Who's making news? Famous (or, even better, infamous) people and characters make for great costumes that other people aren't likely to have seen before.
  • Heroes and icons: Think actors, movie and TV characters, musicians or superheroes.
  • The classics: Outfits for Halloween mainstays like witches, ghosts, vampires and devils are easy to make, fun to make your own, and never go out of style.
  • Clever concepts: Common sayings, nursery rhymes and song titles can all become interesting costumes.

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Screen a collection of horror flicks, from black-and-white classics to modern slasher movies. Or simply pop a spooky film into your DVD player, keeping the sound on mute so the flickering drama adds moody lighting and atmosphere.

Create a county-fair-style photo opp. Cut oval head-size circles at varying heights out of a large piece of plywood and paint the front with a Halloween theme — witches, ghosts, goblins and pumpkins galore, or just ghosts if you're not much of an artist. Prop up the plywood, or attach a wooden base to stabilize it, and place it on your lawn (or in a corner of your party room). Break out the digital cameras and take photos as guests poke their heads through the holes.

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Pump up your holiday with pumpkin bread pudding, butternut squash risotto served in a pumpkin bowl or a pumpkin-shaped cheeseball.

Counteract all that candy you're going to eat with this hearty yet spooky Black Cauldron Stew.

Add a devilish twist to your meal with deviled eggs, devil's food cake, even deviled fried chicken.

Remember, Halloween is the only holiday where it's OK to serve scary-looking desserts.

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A holiday-appropriate house drink will get your guests into the right spirits. Here are a couple ideas for Halloween cocktails:

  • Slime Punch: This spooky punch looks the part and tastes fizzy and lime-licious.
  • Sangria: Vamp up your cocktails with this sweet sip, a drink that takes its name from the Spanish word for blood.

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