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'60s Party Ideas


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Got a light? Or 10 or 20? Lighting will play a crucial role in setting the stage for your '60s theme party. Stock up on colored bulbs to give the place a groovy, colorful glow. If you can get your hands on some strobe lights or lava lamps, you'll be able to create an instant psychedelic vibe. Love beads, flower garlands and yellow smiley faces are not in short supply and should be easy to find online or at your local party store.

Don't forget, the '60s weren't just about peace and love. They were also a celebration of modernist furniture, pop art, Vespa scooters and the British Invasion. So there are plenty of creative ways to decorate for this theme. Place Campbell's tomato soup cans around the house, hang round paper lanterns or British flags, or go space-age with moons, rockets and silver accessories.

Visit the Evite Party Store to get more ideas and buy supplies!

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Make your '60s party come alive by modeling your look after famous icons from the era. Here are some examples:

Early '60s icons — Twiggy, The Beatles (complete with the bowl haircuts), Sonny and Cher, Elvis Presley.
Late '60s icons — Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Truman Capote, Diana Rigg.

Fun clothing and accessories for your '60s costume

  • Miniskirts
  • Big, round sunglasses
  • Go-go boots
  • Bouffant hairdos, afros or long hair parted down the middle
  • Beads, peace signs
  • Bell-bottoms
  • Tapered pants and skinny ties
  • Shag hairdos
  • Nehru jackets
  • Headbands

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Dancing was the "it" thing to do in the '60s. So push those couches to the wall, and make room for a dance floor. Popular dances from the '60s almost always include the word "the" — The Twist, The Pony, The Bird, The Mashed Potato, The Watusi, The Ska, The Monkey, The Tighten Up. Purchase an instructional dance video, and play it in the background so guests can mimic the steps.

Nothing says "peace, love and understanding" quite like a brightly colored flower or peace sign on the cheek. Face painting is a festive way for people to get in the spirit of the '60s. Look for an all-inclusive kit that contains washable, non-toxic paints made for skin, lots of brushes and a variety of stencils. Be sure to have plenty of paper towels in place for easy clean-up.

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The '60s were the start of a health food craze but on the flip side, the very first McDonald's appeared. Here are fun foods that will be easy to serve: vegetarian chili, guacamole with chips, zucchini bread, lemon bars, carrot cake and, of course, granola.

Tip for a fun dessert: Bake round sugar cookies and use icing to draw a peace sign or yellow smiley face on each cookie.

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The Emma Peel

  • 1 oz cherry brandy
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • Prosecco

Mix first two ingredients into a mixing glass with ice to chill. Strain into a Prosecco glass and fill with Prosecco. Garnish with a long spiral of lemon peel.

Non-Alcoholic — Gatorade, Coca Cola and Slurpees

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